Shafaru Projects provides Roofing services, repair of Sagging Collapsing Roofs and repair to building/homeowners and property managers. All of the services by Shafaru Projects are rendered on-site. We have maintained normal business operations regardless of the overall economic climate, due to the satisfied and loyal customers we have worked with over the years. The most positive aspects of operating in this business are that many of our client's ordinances demand that building owners inspect and maintain their property on a regular basis.

• Inspection
• Leak Detection
• Patching
• Ceiling vacuuming
• Roof Damage
• Roof Leak Repair
• Smoke Damage
• Building Renovations
• Collapsing Roofs

We provide exceptional service to our clients

• Drying a Building
• Fire Damage
• Flood Damage
• Water Damage
• Painters & Decorators
• Ceiling Repairs
• Property Repairs
• Plastering
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